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Removing the "Total People..." columns[edit]

I think I'm going to remove the total people columns unless someone convinces me otherwise. Basically the case reports aren't necessarily a random sampling of all sodium nitrite poisoning cases. So we can't infer much from how common symptoms or outcomes are in case reports. I don't want readers mistakenly assuming that the numbers represent how common each symptom or outcome is.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration came to a similar conclusion There have been no controlled clinical trials conducted to systematically assess the adverse events profile of sodium nitrite. The medical literature has reported the following adverse events in association with sodium nitrite administration. These adverse events were not reported in the context of controlled trials or with consistent monitoring and reporting methodologies for adverse events. Therefore, frequency of occurrence of these adverse events cannot be assessed. Science Is Scary (talk) 21:12, 8 November 2019 (UTC)

Case reports left to outline and place in the summaries[edit]

I tend to start projects and not finish them. It's a personal fault of mine. I could use help outlining these case reports and adding them to the summary section. Sci-Hub has the full papers for some of these articles. For other papers, I have no idea where to find the full text.

There may be some overlap where two articles describe the same case. So you may want to check that a similar case isn't already outlined. Thanks for your help.

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