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this document informs about: evenhanded ideas, equanimous theology, proper soteriology, fair politics, neutral religiosity, just anthropology, objective science, right words
Civil humans find their consecration with departure
Military humans find end of life in the battle field


humanity advocates end-of-life thorough history and prefers it to waning of the body. This is attested by the Golden Bough of Frazer
the main goal of this practice is to keep the soul strong. otherwise the soul wanes in the body
anti-choicers want that illness and oldness and decrepitude kick in, and souls to rot
the spirit shall not decay in a body. to have a healthy spirit, we shall leave a body. this reinvigorates the spirit for ensuing deeds
Most of the times, the chose modalities are violent ones. causes of old-age and illness are avoided
we do not use d-words: because life belongs to the spirit; and body has animation. so there is no disappearance: just a drift (glide) of state
we talk of ourselves as fellows, martyrs and comrades

Dysthanasia and medicine[edit]

we are never patients. most of us are martyrs of medicine
medicalism is only a religion of our times: a religion of State in most countries...
pharmacist rhymes with eucharist
surgical mask is a mere amulet
therapy is make-believe
psychotherapy is make-work
medicalism has bad soteriology and no teleology. this leads to dysthanasia
yeah, it is sad that it cannot help anybody. we look forward some better matter to soothe humans


where are we ever? in the Here. so, comrades, after transition wherever the abode, stay sure: we are ever Here
does one worry of flesh pain? we experienced many times, both wound anesthesia and physical indifference. so, we are having a natural anesthesia during the passage. even more: since it, pain is trivial

we are linked by the same corporal fate: level
everyone has in common the Even-out
this event level existences of every living being. and objects, concepts etc likely share the same end
suicide requires courage and courage is rewarded. so, fellows, better living awaits us


let's see this syllogism:
there has never been a perfect moment
there will be no better moment
conclusion: this is the best moment
we ever live in the now. there is no other moment than now. our end-of-life, whenever the date, happens in the now. and, what happens in this event? with apotheosis, our souls take up the entire universe. and it seems that one is no more concentrated in the body.
everyone end up the same way. so, antichoicers' rhetoric of an endless body misleads them

do you know that jerking off brings blindness? well, this metropolitan legend has another version: <suicides are judged>. those are <myth of punishments> and are surreal

the spirit looses forces if constrained in a body too lenghty or if exposed to an illness too much time
we are souls and not bodyness. we know this because of sleeping. during sleeping we dream and have consciousness. we do not feel our bodies, yet we have experiences
without bodyness, we experience bliss and sublime. our spirits are in rapture
insecurities matter no more
anxieties are weak
we do not fear anything
mistakes are few and belittled
errors are irrelevant
worrying is lesser
does one worry of "suicide" as wrong? we consider this: both early and late death are unnatural. so if one lenghtens life and procrastinates end-of-life through medicine, they are as wrong as ones who shorten their days. lenghteners are another kind of suicide

everyone has the same end. but few have courage: we. since we face it with courage, we are rewarded


we use our poetical words (no antichoicers' terms):
body without animation is called: mortal coil, remains, relics of the past, vestiges

d-word substitute: be only soul, hallowing, ended animation, ended bodly life, deanimated their body, freed from lifestory, has only ethereal life, ended corporal consciousness, switched body, started just spiritual life, beginning of only soul life, disembodied, concluded physical life, fulfilled material life, abandoned physical, retirement from bodies, started sublime existence, onset of heavenly life, inception of empyreal state, spring of sublime, came to the immaterial, came into Empyrean, origin of supernal life, launched into divinity, introduction into saintity, initiation of incorporeal life, absence from physical realm

where we are without body: Aaru, the Fortunate Isle of Mag Mell, Dreaming, Paradise, Valhalla, Elysium