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(With regard to ''modality'', I agree that your life is passing day by day, and your death is coming nearer. However, ''team avant-garde'' section needs more clarity.)
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I don’t thing everybody is on the same page with regard to team avant-garde section. Leaving matters up to interpretation confuses everybody.

>pro-ana, pro-mia

Pro-ana and pro-mia have never been discussed in depth or endorsed in the forum. Sanctioned Suicide and Suicide Wiki are suicide websites for departing the life, not websites that encourage lowering the quality of life, inflicting injuries, or unsuccessful attempts. Apart from a very few exceptional users that wanted to get terminal illness like cancer to ease the pain of suicide for their loved ones, everyone else wanted an easy, quick, and painless way out.

>pro-religion, pro-magick

Pro-religion doesn’t have a clear definition. Besides, we do not apostatize or convert anyone to any religion. Surely, you can criticize religions or thoughts, but pro-religion sounds more like strongly imposing a belief-system on others. Explicating your understanding of a particular idea (e.g., magick) and its characteristics are more productives for the readers than just saying you lean towards the idea with no explanations.


Some members of the forum suffer from anxiety; it would contradict with being anti-suffering.


Of course, most members want a dignified way out, but that does not mean they shall not live without dignity. You should be careful of how dignity or honor is used in the concepts outsides the life or death of an individual, because they can turn into destructive forces that would hurt many others (e.g., honor killing). Besides, some of the corpses don’t look very dignified before the mortuary makeup.


Psychologists mostly disagree with the concept of pro-choice suicide and leave no room for suicide. It has been discussed in legth why they are against suicide and what are their agendas. Still, that does not mean we should blindly fight with all of them as enemies. It’s fun to joke about them, but I don’t know how serious you are.

>anti-doc, anti-sci, anti-physicians

Methods on Suicide Wiki are written using scientific papers. How can you be against science?


While I don’t like pain and suffering, I don’t stop others for doing what they want with themselves, as long as they consent (which is quite a challenge itself while in pain).

CallieLewisCatCafé, 1 August 2020