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Suicide is legal in most countries, as long as you commit it without interference or disturbance—in private. There are many ways in which your privacy could be compromised—including, but not limited to, the information collected on Suicide Wiki and the linked websites. Some of the linked websites collect your data and queries. They exchange, share, re-purpose, and market your data for further training, research, or exercises. This data collection is aside from the information shared due to legal investigations, threats, or actions. Law enforcement officers share information significantly across all levels of governments.

Having privacy allows you to change your decision on suicide, whenever you want. That way, if you desire, you will be able to give yourself a second chance without having to explain yourself, tarnishing your reputation, or staining your mental health records. While privacy is cruicial for the choice, it is your responsibility to browse the Internet privately, with minimum tracks. Please cover the tracks leading here to protect yourself and this community. This community might be affected by your choice, even long after you are gone. See Sodium Nitrite Poisoning Cases in 2020 and Censorship to catch on the commotions created by the choice of some guests or members of the forum or the wiki. Their loved ones tried to take down the Sanctioned Suicide forum and Suicide Wiki, advocating restriction and censorship. Most of the time, the advocators were only anonymous comments—with no evidence or proof for their allegations—on social networking websites or online retailer websites.

The substances that were used in suicide (i.e., the bus tickets) have become short in supply or not available because of new regulations. The regulations have banned or curtailed the ease by which some substances could be obtained. Many substances were taken down from online retailer websites, and the suppliers were threatened over suicide concerns and complaints. To save their brand from bad publicity, manufacturer stopped listing or distributing the substances to the public. That’s how many sources were lost and many substances became unavailable. As for the purchased goods, please dispose of any packages, containers, receipts, or labels as soon as possible. This includes purchases at online retailer websites, online grocery stores, and online drug stores. Of course, make sure that the (new) containers very clearly have warning signs, such as “POISON.” The warning signs minimize the risk of injury or death for others who may find or have access to the substances.

Lastly, Suicide Wiki does not and will not endorse any online or offline privacy guides; still, /r/privacy/ is a competent start point to improve your privacy.