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I see Serge is back online so before I go

Threads fake email [email protected] has been deleted and c2then banned, they're covering tracks. If he's so innocent, why?

Read this

I don't care if you hate me for some bizarro reason, you clearly lack quite a bit of humanity. But is keeping me quiet more important than the community? Genuine question.

and whatever staff might have you believe, my ban was NOT reasonable Love, Weedoge

Anyone can really edit this, huh...
Apparently so! Serge wouldn't let me use the talk pages so this one will have to do. surprised they haven't reverted it yet.
btw, I'm literally not lying in my posts, I'm fully open to questioning about everything I've said because I'm not making a single thing up, if I've made anything up it's out of paranoia and not bad faith. I was banned pretty much for talking openly on reddit about and sanctionedsuicide being owned by the same people and for calling Threads a joke of a moderator, this was after he harshly banned my alt account which was ALLOWED and known about, and was harsh af on steam too.