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For theoretical interest only. No guarantee for completeness or correctness. You are responsible for your actions. If you are suicidal, leave this site and get help. Full disclaimer

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

― Neil Armstrong, American astronaut

Jumping suicide is the process of impacting the body with high velocity to a surface for the purpose of dying. Jumping could be a highly lethal method—and, once the attempt is begun, it cannot be stopped.


While jumping off enough height, death arises either by the dashing of the body or by the damage of several essential internal organs. If falling down more than 100 m, immediate death should be certain. Alcohol is inadvisable, because it relaxes the muscles. If the muscles are relaxed, they may protect the internal organs.


According to Dr. Sheldon Teperman, director of trauma and critical-care surgery at Jacobi Medical Center in The Bronx, “Fifty percent of people who fall four to five stories die. By the time you reach 10 or 11 stories, just about everyone dies.” Also, Dr. Glenn Asaeda from the New York City Fire Department believes, “The survival rate even from a four-story fall is not very good.” Every day, coroners encounter corpses whose owners had jumped. Coroner Emma Brown[1|2] reported an instantaneous death following fall from an 8th floor balcony. Another colleague, Senior Coronoer ME Hassell[1|2], reported accordingly that death has occurred as a result of jumping from a 7th floor window, and the medical cause of death was multiple traumatic injuries. Senior Coroner ME Hassell has reported two different cases, first[1|2] and second[1|2]) of fall from a 6th floor that have been successful.

From a height of 30m there is a 90% probability of death. The longer the fall, the higher the probability of death will be. If it is over 100m on land, and 200m on water, the probability is near 100%. The fall from the Golden Gate Bridge, for example, is 74 meters, and 98% of jumpers die, according to Live Science[Archive].

Locations Suicide Hotspots
Opportunities to Change Your Life
Bridge Golden Gate Bridge[1|2|3]

Royal Gorge Bridge, near Cañon City, Colorado

Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn

Scammonden Bridge, over the M62 motorway, between junction 22 and junction 23 (Senior Coroner Kevin McLoughlin[1|2] and Senior Coroner Martin Fleming HM[1|2] have separately approved the bridge for instantaneous death.)

Clifton Suspension Bridge (Senior Coroner ME Voisin[1|2] and Assistant Coroner Peter Harrowing[1|2] have separately endorses the bridge for suicide.)

North Bridge[1|2], Halifax, West Yorkshire

Humber Bridge[1|2], near Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Tamar Bridge[1|2], between Saltash (Cornwall) and Plymouth (Devon) in southwest England

Beeching Bridge[1|2], A22, East Grinstead, West Sussex

Talbrücke Nuttlar (A46-Brücken)

Tower Swift jump over erected barriers[1|2|3]

Telecom mast[1|2|3]

Water tank tower structure[1|2|3]

Rooftop Without hesitation propelling oneself forward[1|2|3]

Tilting on the edge while covering face[1|2|3]

Walking backward and pushing oneself back[1|2|3]

Falling backward from high-rise building[1|2|3]

Hesitating yet completing the attempt[1|2|3]

Poorly planned jump from a 3-story building[1|2|3]

Woman Jumps from Hotel in Tijuana[1|2|3]

Jump from hospital[1|2|3]

Window Propelling oneself from hallway’s window[1|2|3]

Autodefenestration at night[1|2|3]


Going through the window of opportunity[1|2|3]

Balcony Brian Velasco’s leap from the 34th floor[1|2|3]

Throwing oneself from balcony[1|2|3]

Jumping from Soviet architecture[1|2|3]

Under construction structures Entering the building after working hours[1|2|3]
Crane Homeless man jumps from crane[1|2|3]

Beautiful jump and body splash to death[1|2|3]

Suicide jumping from a crane in Puerto Madero Argentina[1|2|3]

Transmission tower (electric pylon) High voltage death in Sonora[1|2|3]

Woman jumps off high voltage tower[1|2|3]

Man jumps off electrical transmission tower[1|2|3]

High cliff Saltdean cliffs

White Cliffs of Dover confirmed by Senior Coroner Patricia Harding

Beachy head, East Sussex, England. Tips: Here is the Beachy Head website for means of transportation. The proper spot is between Belle Tout Lighthouse and Beachy Head Lighthouse. Anywhere west of the red and white lighthouse would be fatal—right up to and including Birling Gap—especially the bit on the west of the red and white lighthouse[1|2|3] (the popular “Lighthouse Point”[1|2|3]). There are a few flower tributes[1|2|3|4] left where previous people have jumped. The police & Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team (BHCT) patrol around to take suspicious individuals to psych ward. There is automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) on both ends, so, if your a missing person, police will know straight away you’re there. If you’re not going to just take a leap of faith or step off into the night without pausing, it’s best to look like hikers or tourists. In order to camouflage in tourists, visit in walking boots, raincoat, put a rucksack on, put a ticket on your car, and take a camera (on a camera strap) or binoculars. During hot days, there are people up there having picnics and sunbathing. Also, Beachy head base jumpers have shared their views on the cliff on several videos (video 1[1|2|3|4], video 2[1|2|3|4], and video 3[1|2|3|4]). Tide times and weather will make no difference to survival but to recovery of the body.

Multistorey car park Upper floor of the Fleming Way Car Park and landing in Gordon Gardens Road[1|2]
Aeronautics Airplane


Climbable sculptures The Vessel at Hudson Yards in New York City

Note: Given the previous suicides, anti-choicers might have changed the designs to reduce the potential for future suicides.

Contrary to popular belief, even a very large height does not guarantee a fatal outcome. For instance, Vesna Vulović survived and fully recovered the highest fall without a parachute: 10,160 m (33,330 ft); Alcides Moreno, who fell from a 47-story Manhattan building, survived as well as recovered; and Thomas Magill, 22, miraculously survived a feet-first jump from the 39th floor and recovered, but destroyed a red Dodge Charger.

Low Heights[edit]

Senior Coronoer Alison Mutch[1|2] reported successful suicide of a young woman who suffered from anorexia. The young woman went to the first floor cafe at John Lewis, Cheadle. The height of the balustrade was such that, once she was on a table, she was able to jump from the café to the ground floor, suffering catastrophic injuries. She died 1 day later from her injuries.

Assistant Coroner James Bennett HM[1|2] reported a 72-yar-old man who jumped through the window of his first floor bedroom. He landed on the patio causing a significant head injury. A CT-scan revealed the fall from height caused an unsurvivable right-sided subdural haemorrhage. He died 1 day later.

In another incident, a 20-year-old man died after falling from second-floor hotel.


  • Practice overcoming obstacles (Obstacle Course Racing, Parkour).
  • Jumping and falling may be practiced at a pool (diving), a trampoline park (never land on head!), or an indoor skydiving facility.
  • It might be helpful to take an anticoagulant to minimize the chance of surviving, if the organs aren’t damaged enough.
  • To bring oneself to jump, it may help to count to three and jump at two in exchange for fooling oneself and diminish the survival instinct.
  • If you’re jumping in public places and a crowd has gathered, expect to hear people screaming in your last moments. Be careful not to land on top of someone.
  • Prolonged stay on the height attracts the attention of the police. You are creating a hostage situation. In a published video clip[1|2|3], after trying to convince her for 5 hours, a police officer ventured to taser Grazielli Martinelli who was sitting on the building’s water tank. But the police officer missed the shot and Martinelli unhesitatingly jumped off right afterward [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. In another case, a foiled attempt at an airport[1|2|3] in Guangzhou, China, injured a police officer. Nevertheless, jumping in airport has been successful sometimes, namely, for a man who dived casually[1|2|3]. Having second thoughts while attempting[1|2|3] can still result in death.

Further Reading[edit]

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